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A Year Ago Today - In Honor of Jason

One year ago, today, this agency had a loss that not only hurt us all, but also propelled us into doing more than just marketing.  A year ago today, we lost a dear friend of the agency and my best friend, Jason.  He struggled with addiction and was ready to get help.  However, he didn’t have the financial means to enter into a residential center.  He approached the state run facilities, and was told that there was a 60 day waiting list, and that they will call him when there is room. 

After performing an at home detox with his loving wife, he was sober for 3 days, relapsed, and end up dying in the hospital. 

It was this day, 365 days ago, that I changed my agency model and started donating 10% of all profits to people that need help entering treatment or staying sober.  We are proud that we are able to help so many get the treatment or get them what they need to maintain the sobriety they need before a family loses a son or daughter, a wife loses a husband, and children lose a father.

In this spirit, The Drug Rehab Agency will be donating 20% of all profits in the month of April.  To what? We are not sure yet.  We help people from all walks of life.  Most times, our financial help comes in the form of getting the first 2 weeks or month of sober living paid for after residential treatment. 

If your facility would like to partner with us to continue this work, please reach out to me directly,

RIP Jason – You are deeply missed