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Retargeting In Addiction Treatment

Retargeting is something you have probably noticed, yet perhaps, didn't understand fully.  The basics of retargeting are displaying compelling advertisements to potential clients that have visited your website, but did not convert. Essentially, retargeting allows you to increase your engagement and conversion rate on the marketing dollars you are spending by targeting lost opportunity. 


You are spending money on your SEO, paid search, social media channels and possibly television and radio.  All of which drive traffic to your website. If your site is like most, you convert roughly 5% of the visitors to the site, but what about the other 95% that have left without converting? You paid to have them find you and now they are gone.  This is where retargeting comes into play.  Once the visitor leaves the site, we are able to target them, where they live online, to remind them of your center. Some centers use an offer to entice the phone call as well.  Something like, "Call now and we will pay for you ticket to treatment.".  This reminds the site visitor of your center and keeps your brand top of mind while they search the web. 


Like anything in addiction marketing, targeting is key. With in our retargeting offering, you are able to deliver a specific message based on the last page your site visitor was on. This means that if someone is looking for heroin treatment, you can display an ad to them about your heroin recovery program, success rates, accreditation, or insurances you accept. This type of targeting keeps your brand top of mind, while also delivering a highly relevant advertisement. 


Until now, there hasn't been a platform that could deliver HIPAA compliant advertising through retargeting.  As of now, not even Google would allow you to retarget across the web for people who have visited your recovery website. By being very selective in how we advertise and the sites on which we do so, we are able to deliver a HIPAA compliant retargeting ad to your past visitors. 


The cost is based on the amount of traffic you have to your website or combined web properties. The pricing starts at $15/CPM (thousand impressions).  The minimum spend we carry is $1,000.  The CPM price does drop based on traffic so if you are spending a lot in paid search or are organically ranking for a lot of terms, your price will be lower. 

To learn more, give us a call or fill out the form below. We are happy to explain exactly why EVERY treatment center should be investing in retargeting. 

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