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Treatment Consultants 

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can be a highly profitable business model. However, they are not as simple to run as you may think.  As addiction treatment consultants (rehab consultants), we work with you to identify areas of your centers business that could be bettered to increase your productivity and most importantly your profit margins. 

We offer:

Our rehab consultants have over 20 years of real world experience as Executive Directors at various treatment centers around the country.  This allows them to not only know how to fix issues you may be having internally, but knows the pitfalls that can pull your center down. This is truly valuable when a center is working towards CARF or JACHO accreditation. 

Opening A New Rehab Center

If you are looking to open a new treatment center, you are not alone. We have helped over 25 new centers open their doors over the last year.  Focusing on not only marketing the center, but also the set-up, hiring, licensing, and treatment planning that is needed to be successful.  One area of running a center that most overlook is the billing and handling insurance verifications to ensure proper payment on a client.  Our Treatment Consultants will work with you to help solve these complex issues and ensure you are getting the most for each patient you admit. With over 30 years experience, we are capable of taking your dream and turning it into a reality. 

Our New Center Consulting Covers

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