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How To Leverage Your Online Assets To Increase ROI on Marketing Spend

In the addiction treatment space, everyone is vying for the same people. This continues to increase as insurance coverage changes state by state. As this increases, the need for additional marketing spend is greater and greater.  But, there is an advantage that some centers have over the majority. Multi-location sites and “info sites”.

What is an Info-Site?

An info site provides free information or reviews of a topic.  In this case, addiction treatment.  The best example of this would be (owned by Sober Media Group, LLC who’s parent company is AAC Holdings, Inc. (AAC)). These type of sites provide free information and an option to make a phone call for help.  Most of the time, those calls are transferred to the treatment brand which owns the site.

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What are Multi-Location Sites?

Multi-location is exactly what it sounds like, a center that has treatment centers in different states under different names. A great example of this is Acadia Healthcare. They own over 500 center nationwide with different brands and websites for the vast majority. 

Leveraging an Info Site

If you are fortunate enough to have one or more of these properties generating traffic related to treatment, you are in a very strong position over the rest of the country.  The reason? Data. You have data on visitors and what they are looking for.  Meaning by joining The Drug Rehab Agency’s Addiction Marketing Universe we can target the visitors to your info site with display, TV, and social ads for your actual recovery center.

Example of Leverage an Info Site

Jim S.  learned his son is using OxyContin. So he searches for help and lands on your brands owned info site. He reads the information and leaves the site to start searching for centers or more information. At this point, based on how 99.9% of centers market, that is a lost prospect.  Jim will now Google “rehab near me” and will be lost by the brand. However, with our technology, we are able to target Jim while he searches. Here is what happens next.

1 – He logs into Facebook and sees a video introducing your treatment center to him for OxyContin addiction.

2 – He wants to stream SportsCenter to his computer or streaming TV, a 30 second advertisement comes on for your center.

3 – He is checking his stocks on Yahoo and a display ad for your center shows up introducing your brand, once again.

All of these are based on the actions he took on the info site which showed he was looking for help. Removing the guessing game from advertising.

Leveraging Multi-Location Sites

A treatment brand which has centers in different states can leverage each website to their advantage by understanding the data. As of now, most of these treatment brands spend money on specific locations.  Meaning, each location has its own budget to run paid search, social, SEO, etc. When a single location spends money to drive a prospect to the site and that prospect doesn’t convert the money invested is lost. This provides no value to the brand that owns all of the centers. 

What should be happening is on-top of those location budgets, the corporate brand should have a “Brand” budget which allows the flow of data between sites.  With this strategy, the brand which owns all location sites can use the data to target individuals for different brands, with different messaging seamlessly exchanging data with one another to drive more conversions.

Example of Leveraging Multi-Location

You manage a brand which has 3 treatment centers, a mental health (primary) in California, an addiction treatment center in Arizona, and a dual-diagnosis center in Colorado.

Jim P. in Colorado realizes his daughter is drinking to help with her depression.  So, he searches for depression treatment.  Your California mental health center is doing the right thing and shows up for his search.  He clicks (costing you money) and reads that you only offer mental health services at this facility. He leaves because his daughter is also an alcoholic and needs more help. That is a lost prospect that, unless your marketing is extremely advanced, you won’t get back.

With The Drug Rehab Agency’s Multi-Location targeting services, Jim P would be shown advertisements for your Colorado Center in this order:

1 – Display ads about dual diagnosis for depression

2 – Testimonial videos on Facebook, CNN, Youtube, etc.

3 – TV Ads while he watches his streaming service about the benefits of having a local dual diagnosis treatment center in Colorado.

Were before Jim was lost, as was the money spent to get him, now we are able to change messaging based on what he did.  In this example, it is twofold:

1.     He only visited your Mental Health Facilities depression page and left.

2.     He lives in a state where you have a facility that is dual diagnosis.

Obviously, this example can be used for simply offering a local option or single gender facilities. As well.  However it illustrates exactly what a larger brand can do to drive increase intakes on current ad spend.

The opportunities are endless when you are able to use the data you have to target. The Drug Rehab Agency’s Addiction Marketing Universe enables treatment brands that have multiple locations or education based websites to increase the ROI of their current marketing budgets by providing the right message, to the right person, and the right time.