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Feasibility Study - Understanding Your Market - Starting at $7,500

A feasibility study, in all business, allows you to see what success in a given space will require.  This is where you flush out ideas and road blocks to your success.  Our treatment consultants will outline, at a high level, what is needed to be successful and what to watch for when opening a rehab center. 

Most people that enter this space with no experience feel as though they have a good grasp on what is needed.  However, this is where we see the most costly mistakes get made. Our feasibility study includes the following:

Market Overview and Current Conditions

  • National Trends in Facility Operation

  • Facility Ownership

  • Primary Focus of Facility

  • Level of Care Provided

  • Regional Trends in Facility Operation

  • National Admission Trends

State licensing and zoning requirements

  • Licensing

  • Zoning


  • Target Client & Program Content

  • Common Ancillary Services

  • Payer Sources & Price Point

  • Commerical Insurance

  • Physical Plant and Property

  • Marketing

    • Digital

    • Traditional

  • Staffing

  • EHR/Practice Management Software

  • Project Timeline

Summary and Conclusions

  • What to get correct from the start

  • Existential risks

  • What can you do to ensure a steady generation of revenue/patient census?

Our rehab consultants have over 20 years of real world experience as Executive Directors at various treatment centers around the country.  This allows them to know the pitfalls that can pull your center down and what is truly valued at the end of the day. 

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