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Display advertising has changed.  It used to be a general, super wide net method of marketing.  Most people would simply say, “This is my target demographic, put my ad in front of them.” This worked, at first. 

With today’s ad blockers mixed with peoples advertising fatigue, a general, un-targeted ad, will go unseen.  This is why we have created our Event Based Display offering which will get your center in front of people that are searching for help, without using Google Adwords. 

Our Event Based Display focuses our efforts, and your budget, on people that have shown an interest in recovery.  This is done through Search Retargeting (targeting people outside of Google, that search for terms related to recovery) and Site Retargeting (targeted people that have come to your website already).  This form of display advertising increases click through rates, which increases traffic, and is less expensive than Google Adwords. 

Simplified Advanced Digital

Our expert operations team leverages advanced capabilities to go beyond the basics of programmatic display buying to ensure your campaign meets your goals. Having all of your display tactics managed by a single platform offers increased insights into your campaigns and audience while cutting down on wasteful spend as you are no longer targeting the same person twice, unless they take an action that indicates their interest.

Search Retargeting

With regards to the Addiction industry this is one of the core tactics in display that we utilize to help our clients reach more searchers, more often, and more effectively with industry leading keyword-level targeting. Keyword-level targeting allows us to combine the effectiveness of search with the reach and brand impact of display. Intent data is captured while a user is searching and we can use that data to target those individuals with display ads wherever they are while they are online across the web based on those searches.

Site Retargeting

Site retargeting is the ultimate in targeted display.  Site retargeting focuses budget on the people that have already visited your site(s) based on the page they visited.  As these are the best possible targets for display, the creative is based on the pages they visited.


Our pricing for display advertising is based on a max CPM (cost per thousand impressions).  The minimum investment into display is $7,500/month for site retargeting. To add search retargeting to the the plan would cost an additional $2,000 minimum.

We provide you with full impression, click, and call reports from our activity (requires Callrail integration) to ensure you see what was done and the value provided.  If you are interested in learning more about how we can generate targeted traffic to your website, reach out.  We are happy to explain more in over a conference call.  

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