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Recovery Program Development and Planning

The process of opening a treatment center begins with the ideation and subsequent creation of a plan that outlines your treatment centers program. This process will require you to identify the services the center will offer such as detox, residential, PHP, and IOP.  In addition to your services, you will need to identify the type of modalities and treatments you want to provide.  This can include EMDR, group therapy house, and one-on-one therapy time on a weekly basis. It is very important that you understand the different treatment modalities as this will play a large part of who is hired to administer the treatments. The more time spent reviewing options, and working with a consultant on what is best based on your long term goals the better. We have found with our 20 years of experience that the more planning that takes place in the beginning, the more successful the treatment center is from opening day.

Once your program planning has been completed you and your consultant will need to discuss ways to evaluate the recovery center.  This is done to ensure the treatment modalities outlined within your program planning are still the most effective for your patients. The main focus of this evaluation outline is to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care from your center and that your center is succeeding at its goal.  This is also the time to start the planning for your JCAHO and/or CARF accreditation.  These accreditations are heavily taken into consideration when it comes to your evaluation of treatment.  Your consultant can explain more on why this matters, or you can visit the JCAHO consulting or CARF consulting pages to learn more.

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience in the addiction treatment space, including Executive Directors and Founders of programs.  We understand where most centers fall short when launching and can help you avoid those pitfalls allowing you to be more successful in helping people. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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