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Results to Fill Beds Quickly

Paid Search, within Google and Bing, is the quickest way to get your facility noticed.  Unlike SEO, which takes a few months to see the full value, Paid Search is instant.  The Drug Rehab Agency uses this as a tool to help our clients see an instant return while we work on their website to enhance their SEO value.  Rather than waiting two to three months to see the traffic through organic search, Paid Search can get the phones ringing within minutes. 

Treatment facility keywords are some of the most expensive within Google Adwords.  These terms can cost as much as $50/click for the number 1 position.  This means that your budget, if not managed correctly could be wasted on clicks that do not convert into leads, and leads into clients.  We have had the privilege of working with some of the largest facilities in the country, and managing their Paid Search budgets of more than $50,000/month.  This gave us key insight into the space to determine what worked and what didn't. We put that knowledge to work for you to deliver the exact same level of service, without the increased expense. 

Our PPC Management Strategy:

  • Targeted campaigns with appropriate budgets

  • Increased quality scores through ad group, ad creation, and landing page optimization

  • Targeted and enticing ad copy with effective calls to action

  • Daily campaign monitoring for exceptional results

  • Detailed analysis – Making data driven decisions

With a lot of large players paying huge amounts within Google for treatment keywords, it can be hard to compete in the paid search space.  The Drug Rehab Agency has perfected a process that lowers our clients cost per click, drives more relevant visitors, and lowers the needed monthly budget.  Most of our clients are spending around $10/click, depending on the location of the facility and have been able to cut their spend with Google in half with our help.  

Let us increase your efficiency and improve your results. Give us a call or email us to find out how we can help you to get connected with the people who need you.

What is the Cost?

The Drug Rehab Agency is very selective of our Paid Search clients.  Paid search requires a large up-front investment with Google to be successful, and is not a good fit for every treatment facility.  Our recommendation is typically no less than $15,000/month on each state you target.  Once we have outlined exactly what to expect, and you are willing to invest the money it takes to be successful, we charge 15% of your spend with Google.  

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