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Mental Health Marketing Services

For over 8 years The Drug Rehab Agency has worked directly with treatment centers to provide drug rehab marketing campaigns which produce results for our clients. A reason for our success is our understanding the business and billing side, not just the marketing side. Over the years we have seen an increase in mental health facilities and addiction facilities who have transitioned to mental health and a primary focus point. This is why we are proud to now offer our marketing services to mental health facilities.

Our Marketing Services for Mental Health Centers

Mental Health Center Website Design

The first step towards success for any mental health facility is a quality website that speaks to the visitor and relays the proper message. Our in-house design and development team create a custom website for our mental health clients that does just that. The design are built based on our knowledge of conversion and visual marketing tactics which include image selection and color choice to calm the site visitor and instill trust in the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking locally and nationally can mean the difference between a $5,000 CPA and a $300 CPA. Our experience within the mental health and addiction space allow us to built out an SEO strategy that will work for our clients and get them ranking in the top 3 positions in Google as quickly as possible.

Display Advertising

Display advertising may be the most impactful product we offer. What makes our process superior? Data. We refer to our display service as targeted display advertising. We use data from national informational sites to target people who are actively in-market for help with their mental health issues. We also are able to target people once they leave a client’s website without converting, which keeps the brand top of mind as they go through their process to entering a center.

Paid Search - Mental Health Only

Paid search refers to Google Adwords and Bing Paid Search which allows mental health facilities to bid on certain keywords within the search engine. Our staff has over 8 years experience managing mental health based campaigns. This is one of the best options for quick results as it only takes 2 days to get started.

Reach Out

The Drug Rehab Agency is pleased to offer our proven services to the mental health space. So much so that we are offering a 10% discount to any new mental health marketing clients throughout all of 2019. To learn more about how we can build a strategy that drives revenue, contact us or fill out the form below and we will reach out shortly.

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