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CARF Accreditation Consulting Starting at $15,000

Now, more than ever, the CARF accreditation provides a major leg-up in the treatment space. As more and more insurance companies are requiring a CARF accreditation for entry into the facility, those centers certified will find themselves having an easier time finding patients with quality insurance.  Achiving this accreditation will expand a centers reach and allow them to accept more insurance clients on a monthly basis.  

The Drug Rehab Agency’s treatment consulting team provides real world experienced consultants to help you achieve your CARF accreditation. Our CARF consultants work with treatment centers large and small, all over the country to help them achieve their accreditation.

The Drug Rehab Agency’s CARF consultants have worked for over 20 years in the treatment industry, one owning a center and another as Executive Director.  Our CARF Consultants understand the importance of this accreditation and know exactly how to work with you to achieve it.  In fact, we have a 100% success rate of having our clients receiving their CARF accreditation.

The CARF consulting staff delivers on-site and remotely to help our clients understand, and then execute properly, to achieve their CARF accreditation.  This method has proven highly valuable and is implemented in all aspects of our treatment consulting services.

Our treatment consultation services begin with your first thoughts of considering accreditation or to help you address the recommendations received on a prior survey. It is very important for us to know and understand all past recommendations so we can help you move forward to your goal.

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