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Addiction Treatment Licensure Consulting 

Obtaining licensure is the starting line for your recovery center.  Licensing is needed for almost all types of treatment services that you would provide.  Some requiring more effort than others. Our treatment consultants have over 20 years of experience in obtaining licensure for our clients and can do the same for you.

When it comes to going to the state and showing cause for a license, small mistakes means lost time and money. That is why we, as consultants, work with you to identify every area that may be of concern with the licensing board, and fix it prior to submitting paperwork.  We have found that doing it correct the first time lessens the wait time, meaning your center can open sooner

Our Approach

Our licensure consulting services for addiction centers offer a wide range help for our clients. This could just mean a quick “readiness site visit” to ensure your site is ready for the board or a complete, start to finish, licensure process. 90% of our clients have us handle the entire process for them, which frees them up to manage the business side of things while we focus on ensuring licensure.  

The Drug Rehab Agency’s approach is more customized than most. We take into consideration the centers program, location (state guidelines) and of course, the centers personal needs while working hard to maintain our 100% success rate.

If you are thinking of starting a treatment center, or have already started the process but could use some help, give us a call today.  Our consultants will answer your questions and ensure that you are well taken care of.


Our pricing for licensure consulting ranges based on the state in which you would like to open a center.  Our standard flat rate consulting fee for managing the licensing of a treatment center is $25,000-$55,000.  This also depends on how much work has been done on your side as well.  Meaning the pricing may be lower.  If you are also looking to be a CARF or Joint Commission accredited center, we can bundle the two together to save you money.  

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