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Television and Radio Advertising

Have you been buying calls for $45-$80 from all the usual suspects? I am also going to guess it didn’t work to well, which is why you are searching for other options. You got a ton of spam, Medicare, Medicaid, no insurance, or wrong number? Yep, we did too.  Over the last 12 months, The Drug Rehab Agency has invested over $20,000 to see the quality of calls people were receiving.  We worked with our clients to understand why the calls they were buying we also not providing any promise. The answer? Advertising Fatigue.

Think when you are surfing the internet, on Facebook or Linkedin.  There are display ads on the sidebar of every page you are on you, but do you notice them? 97% of people do not notice them.  This is the same concept of what has been happening for the last year.  The days of a fake doctor in blue scrubs saying “Are you or someone you love addicted….” are over.  It clearly doesn’t work.  This is why we have created a quality program that will deliver more calls, that you can actually accept.

Branded TV and Radio

By taking away the generic advertisement that everyone sees on TV or hears on the radio and replacing it with a quality, branded ad about your specific center, you are breaking away from the mold.  There are some very well-known centers that have created their own TV ads and have done very well.  We are bringing this option to you.

We are experts with over 10 years combined experience in television and radio advertising.  We know the target markets, what to say, and when to run each type of advertisement. 

Cost Per Acquisition

Our pricing structure for tv and radio advertising gives you two options based on your comfort level. Our first option is done on a cost per call basis, which reduces the risk to our client.  We set up a test budget of $30,000 and deliver all calls directly to you.  Once this is completed, we provide you with a cost per call and buffer range. It is important to note that this option does not provide transparency to when and where advertisements were run. 

The second option is a true media buy.  We manage the entire process and purchase media based on feedback from your intake team.  You don't pay a cost per call, but rather your budget is spent with media outlets and delivers more calls and intakes at a lower price point.  This offering provides you with 100% full transparency and reporting and typically is a lower cost per admit than the pay per call model. 

The average cost per acquisition depends greatly on the people answering the phone.  However, we have seen this number below $3,000/intake for several clients running on the media buying platform. 

Call us today to learn more about our radio and television opportunities as well as how our full service lead generation may be able to produce even more intakes at an even lower cost.  




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