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Addiction Marketing Consulting

If you manage a mid to large size recovery center (over 20 beds) then you realize the importance of marketing a center successfully.  Over the last 8 years we have seen great ideas go bust because the owners didn’t understand the importance of marketing within this space.

My name is Marcus Hansen.  I am the CEO and Founder of The Drug Rehab Agency one of the countries largest addiction marketing companies.  For over 8 years, I have been working directly with executives in the addiction space to help them solve their marketing issues and deliver results.  Until now, this has all been done as an agency.  I am now opening up my calendar to those that have an internal team, or a preferred vendor for services, but would like consulting on marketing their center.

The marketing consulting we provide will help a center:

1.     Understand the market as a whole

2.     Identify the target markets and how to reach them

3.     How to use internal data to drive more admissions

4.     How to market to your alumni

5.     What are the best strategies to take when it comes to content development

6.     Understand SEO and how can it drive results

7.     Learn about Facebook Marketing and proper use strategies

8.     Hyper target through Google Adwords

9.     Implement proper tracking of marketing campaigns to prove ROI

10.  Complete marketing campaign build outs

11.  SEO strategy development

The landscape within the addiction space has changed dramatically, and continues to do so.  I have worked with the largest addiction companies within this space on marketing and have been able to deliver time and time again and I can do the same for you.  My hourly rate for consulting is between $250-$300/hour.  To inquiry about availability, fill out the form below and I will personally reach out.   

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