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Addiction Content Marketing

Content marketing is key to the success of your addiction marketing strategy, especially when it comes to the SEO for your rehab.  

Links are key to gaining the rankings within the search engines.  Those top 5 spots that drive so much quality traffic.  The Drug Rehab Agency offers just what you need to increase your rankings through Content Marketing. 

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There are thousands of publishers that need content.  These publishers are happy to take content from reliable sources, that fit the needs of their readership.  This is exaclty what we do. 

Step One: Identify Publishers

We review sites that make sense for each client.  We look at the type of treatment facility you are. Do you offer drug rehab, along with metal disorder treatments? We understand how your facility works, to better understand who we should reach out to.  

Step Two: Outreach

We then reach out to each publisher to understand what type of content their readers would like.  What type of content they would like to provide their readers.  With this, we now know what to write, in order to get a placement on the publisher's site.  Which, is the goal. 

Step Three: Develop Content

We have a team of professional writers, some that have gone through treatment, others that have written for the larger treatment centers.  These writers will create a quality piece of content, specifically for that publisher, based on their needs.  This ensures that we can have the content placed on the site.  We incorporate a link to your site, which tells Google that you are trusted.  This is the key to effective rehab content marketing.  Having the publisher link to you as a resource on the subject matter will increase your organic rankings and drive more traffic. 

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