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Results Based Addiction Marketing for Rehab Centers

Born to help those who help others, The Drug Rehab Agency connects Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centers with future patients online and offline through the use of addiction Marketing through multiple online sources and branded radio and television ads.  You care about helping others learn to become and remain sober, and the first step in that process is being found online.  We've worked to get our clients in the top positions of search results, and we can do that for you as well.

We specialize in helping the both addiction rehabs and mental health facilities who have struggled to compete with the seemingly limitless drug rehab marketing budgets of larger companies. We've worked for those companies. We know what they do, and we can put those proven strategies to work for you. Throughout 2016 we found that more people are needing rehab marketing services for start-up centers.  This is why we started offering addiction treatment consulting to help those centers avoid pitfalls of many new centers. 

By customizing a holistic approach to drug treatment marketing for each facility, our clients see the best return in the form of fully managed marketing strategy. This includes rehab SEO best practices, website design, rehab content development, rehab Adwords management, online PR, and branded radio and television ads.  Using these tactics, we build a true foundation for growth and deliver results each month, helping you become the resource in your state and city for everything Drug and Alcohol Treatment related.If you are looking to open a new treatment facility, head over to our treatment consulting page to learn how we can help you avoid major pitfalls in the industry. This includes our substance abuse billing services which ensures the facility receives the proper payments from insurance companies.

At The Drug Rehab Agency, we also give back.  We donate 10% of our profits to a fund that helps people get into the rehab centers they need. The best part is we partner with our current clients to make this possible.  We consider ourselves members of the rehabilitation community, and we see it as our responsibility to help those those who have taken the "First Step."


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