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Local SEO For Addiction Treatment Centers

Take 10 seconds.  Go to and search "Drug Rehab Center."  Do you see yourself in the top maps section? If the answer is no, we can help. Think to when you search  Do you go past the first page? Of course not, most people don't either.  The top 3 positions in the local listings are the best location for any local center.  The Drug Rehab Agency can help you get to the top 3 positions and increase your visibility to those searching for detox, residential, and IOP services.   

How Does It Work?

We start with a local audit of your site and understand how you compare to the top centers in the area (from a Google position perspective). This audit will tell us what your competitors are doing locally and give us information on how your site is currently positioned.

Once we understand where you stand and what your competitors are doing, we can correct issues and optimize your Google My Business page to ensure maximum exposure to your local audience.

In many cases, our local SEO will also reach national searchers.  When someone in another state searches something like, “Drug rehab in (enter city or state)” the local maps listings will also show up.  This is where you will get the most value. 


Our pricing is set up based on how aggressive you want to be as well as your location.  As with most online marketing, the more you invest, the quicker the return will be and the higher the competition, the more investment is needed to be successful. Our local pricing starts at $500/month and goes up to $2,500/month based on the competition level in your local area. 

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