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The Drug Rehab Agency is part of MD Media LLC.  Our founder, Marcus Hansen, has been working in online marketing since 2006.  Over the course of the last eight years, he has studied all forms of online marketing by working for companies that each do one method especially well.  He utilizes that diverse experience at MD Media LLC, a marketing company that has helped a number of rehab centers and other clients rank in search results and connect online with clientele.  It wasn't until 2014, after enduring a personal tragedy, that he chose to focus his considerable online marketing expertise strictly on drug treatment centers through The Drug Rehab Agency.

Marcus Deane Hansen - Founder

Marcus Deane Hansen - Founder

The Drug Rehab Agency was formed by Marcus after losing his best friend, Jason, to drug use. Their friendship spanned two decades, and Jason's addiction directly affected both their lives.  Watching his best friend put himself through hell and feeling as if there was nothing he could do was heartbreaking.

It had been a while since Jason and Marcus spoke, until one day, a call was made.  Jason was in the ICU, and the outlook was not good.  Marcus rushed to be by his best friend, and sadly, watched his friend pass away in front of his eyes.  

Marcus later found out that Jason had been on a waiting list for a rehab facility in Phoenix, AZ.  Jason made the choice to seek treatment as a means of getting his life back on track.  Sadly, he didn't have the finances to accomplish this goal and passed away before he could be treated. 

This is why 10% of all profits go to a fund designated to help those who cannot afford treatment.  We believe that if we are in the position to help those who want it, we should.  These donations are made in Jason's name.

Additionally, the firm continues to strive to change the way rehabilitation is viewed.  We push our state representatives to fund programs to help treat people who need it, rather than putting them into prison or leaving them on the streets. 

This is how our slogan was formed: "Helping You Help Others."  We hope to add to the list of successful individuals who have gained their freedom back from addiction.