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The Drug Rehab Agency is part of MD Media LLC.  Our founder, Marcus Hansen, has been working in online marketing since 2006.  Over the course of the last eight years, he has studied all forms of online marketing by working for companies that each do one method especially well.  He utilizes that diverse experience at MD Media LLC, a marketing company that has helped a number of rehab centers and other clients rank in search results and connect online with clientele.  It wasn't until 2014, after enduring a personal tragedy, that he chose to focus his considerable online marketing expertise strictly on drug treatment centers through The Drug Rehab Agency.

Now, The Drug Rehab Agency has worked with over 60 treatment centers nationwide and continues to bring new, “outside the box”, marketing strategies to the addiction space. With only 7 employees, we are not a massive marketing agency. We are lean and nimble. This allows us to quickly pivot based on changes in the marketplace. A great example of this is our creation of our retargeting and display platform.

In 2017, Google stopped serving AdWords for addiction centers across the country. This change crippled the larger addiction companies as well as the smaller firms. Thankfully, our Founder saw this coming and was able to develop partnerships as well as a platform that allowed our business to offer retargeting services, which until then was not available to addiction centers. This lead to our creation of The Addiction Marketing Universe which to date, has been our most successful product. Since then, copy cats have followed our lead and have entered the addiction marketing. But, like Marcus said at an all staff meeting to address this issue:

“Remember the Microsoft Zune? This was Microsoft’s attempt at competing with Apple’s iPod. The only difference is Apple did it correctly. I don’t mind our competitors trying to piggyback our ideas. That means we, as a company, are the innovators. We are the leaders. “Do not focus on what others do, as we have no control over that. Our firm will focus on driving the results our clients have come to expect from us through innovation and “outside the box” thinking, which is something we CAN control.”
— Marcus Hansen - CEO

Feedback from our clients is something they love is that they all work with Marcus directly. We have no sales staff. Everyone who calls The Drug Rehab Agency speaks with Marcus. Every client has his email and business cell number. They appreciate that there accounts are reviewed by Marcus to ensure the strategy he developed for them is working. If not, he takes over and has been known to pull all nighters to ensure a client’s success.

If you would like to know more, reach out? You can ask for Marcus and if he is available, he would love to speak with you.