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Search and Reputation - The data says it matters

I have spoken to a lot of treatment centers, some of which are very large and have multiple locations.  The most interesting part of these conversation is that some of them don't believe that search plays a big role in the decision making process.  When I heard this I was shocked because the data just simply disagrees.  

In a study by Compete and Google, the evidence as to the value of search is VERY clear.  Have a look below. 

We read the entire study, and here are the key points they make:

  • 86% of patients used search prior to scheduling appointments
  • 57% of people search for treatment (Detox, Equine Therapy)
  • 25% of people search conditions (Drug addiction, alcoholism)
  • Patients who converted did over 3x as many searches than those who didn't.  4.0 VS 13.8
  • 30% of patients who watched an online video booked an appointment
  • What users look for in a treatment center
    • Accepts Healthcare Plan - 91%
    • Uses latest technology - 77%

Did you read those?  86% of people who actually convert, use the internet.  Not only to find treatment, but to learn about treatment.  We talk about the consumer journey on our content page, and this simply enforces what we have been doing for clients.  

People want to know:

  1. Do I have an addiction
  2. What that addiction?
  3. How it is treated?
  4. Where can I get help?
  5. Do they have a good reputation?

87% of patients are going to check up on your online reputation.  Have you Googled your center lately?  

The fact of the matter is that people only trust those on the first page of Google.  If your center is not involved in quality SEO and paid search, you are leaving a lot of patients out of the mix.  

If you would like to know what SEO and paid search would cost in your area, give us a call, or complete the form. We will get in touch with you and review your options.