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The Importance of Full Funnel Marketing in Addiction Treatment

For more than a decade, addiction centers marketing hasn't changed to generate leads and intakes.  The issue is that most centers are still stuck 2 years ago, before all of the changes in our industry. Many centers are now out of business because they relied on a single stream of intakes (Google Adwords).  Many, frankly, were participating in the “pay to play” game and paying per intake. Finally, buying phone calls from companies marketing their own personal brand.  These three areas of marketing were responsible for millions of dollars in marketing spend each month within our space.  However, there is one problem, it all came crashing down… Google stopped allowing centers to bid on 60% of bottom funnel (those that are ready to enter treatment today) keywords. The government stepped in a shutdown anyone engaging in patient brokering. And a few weeks ago, Congress issued letters regarding call centers and selling calls. It is clear what is happening here. What centers have been doing for years is dissolving into nothing an most have no idea how to handle it.

In order to survive, and frankly thrive, in 2018 and beyond, treatment centers need to own their brand and marketing channels. This will require these centers to engage in more marketing efforts for themselves, rather than paying a company to send them phone calls.  Or, relying on JUST a single channel approach to gaining intakes. This is why The Drug Rehab Agency has launched our Addiction Marketing Universe.

The Digital Marketing Universe

Backed by over a year of data, our Addiction Marketing Universe allows treatment centers to not only target the right candidate, but also change the messaging of the advertisements as they go through their journey of selecting a treatment center.   This includes all front end methods such as paid search and SEO, however, it also incorporates content marketing, Social Media marketing, search retargeting, and look alike modeling. On the backend is where the magic happens. We are able to target specific users who have shown an interest in your brand by visiting your website(s) with not only banner ads, but also Facebook video and TV commercials as they consume video content all over the web. This type of hyper focus removes over spending and only targeting the people who have shown an interest in your brand.


Results are all that matter

The numbers simply don’t lie. For a client using this program for 3 months they saw the following:

·      62% Increase in Conversions

·      56% Increase in Calls Per Day

·      77% Increase in Website Traffic

The reason we see such large increases over time is that this program learns as we collect data. We know that the average time from the first search for treatment to making a phone call is 20-40 days.  What happens during that 20 days is the data we have collected and use to modify our client’s strategy.   We know when to start serving ads about success rates vs. center amenities.  Testimonials on Facebook and TV vs. showcasing reviews on Google,, etc.

The Addiction Marketing Universe from The Drug Rehab Agency provides our clients with a means to stay top of mind while the prospective client goes through their decision making process. Delivering the Right Message. To The Right Person. At The Right Time.