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5 Features of Good Websites for Addiction Centers

People looking for drug addiction centers are already going through a rough time. Make it easier for them, and you, by optimizing your rehab website to draw in as many views as possible.

Must-Haves for Addiction Centers

There are two parts to effectively marketing your center. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and have the tools and information the patient wants. It also needs to be seen through search engines and social media.

1. Location

Your local population will comprise the bulk of your customer base and you need to make sure they can find you. A simple map may be good enough, but integrating a map like Google Maps into your webpage can give them the specific information they need to navigate to your center.

If your center is big enough and you want to bring in out-of-state business then you really need them to know where you are. They would also want to know about the surrounding area as well as other services they can use while they are at your center.

2. Available Treatments

It seems like a no-brainer, but having a dedicated page for the array of treatments you offer will likely be the first stop for potential patients. Go into detail about the procedures you can do, the specialists you have on staff, and the quality of your center. Once the patient has a concrete idea of what you offer they will be more likely to use your center.  

If your center focuses on one specific treatment you need to let the patient know that you are the best in the area or nation at what you do. They can look at all of the addiction centers in the country, so make them want to pick yours.

3. Show and Tell

Pictures are a simple, but powerful tool that you can use to build the trust between your center and potential patients. You need to show off your beautiful campus to make a big impact.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to get shots of your facility. You want patients to know that your center is a clean, safe, and modern place of healing. Any special amenities like pools, massage rooms, and nature trails need to be seen.

The other half of your center is your faculty. A friendly face attached to great qualifications will quickly build trust in your specialists. Have a separate staff page that lists their licenses, qualifications, and degrees.

4. Think Outside of Google

While Google is the most used search engine, it's not the only one. Unfortunately, Google had to restrict ads for addiction centers due to shady companies and centers trying to draw in unsuspecting addicts. They are trying to fix it though.

While not as popular, Bing still gets billions of searches a month. Don't put all of your eggs in the Google basket when you could reach more addiction sufferers on other platforms.

5. Get Social

While not always the best source of news, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to expand your reach. The more people who know you exist are more people who can help addicts find your center. Facebook's targeted marking also allows for more views to people who need it.

Help People Find You

Your service is necessary for addicts to get their life back. Don't let poor SEO get in your way. Check out our articles for ways to help market addiction centers.