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Drug Rehab SEO - Starting at $1,200/month

Google is the main driver of traffic to almost all websites.  It is the first place your clients and their loved ones will hunt for help.  The Drug Rehab Agency only provides addiction SEO to treatment centers, and our results speak for themselves. We offer national SEO campaigns, which allow you to target cities and states in which you do not have a physical location, and also local SEO, for the centers that want to compete locally, but are not ready for the national scale. 

Our process has been cultivated through years of working with drug treatment facilities. By focusing on the two key areas of rehab SEO, On-Page and Off-Page, we deliver amazing results for our clients that last well into the future. 

Results. Period.

Starting in October, a local treatment center tasked The Drug Rehab Agency with increasing their online visibility through Organic Search Marketing.  We started in October and made large on-page SEO changes, that quickly helped the site.  Additionally, we used off-page SEO methods, including content marketing to alert Google of the services and location of this facility, effectively building their authority online.  Within three months of implementing our Drug rehab SEO program we:

  • Tripled their site traffic
  • Increase requests for information more than 70%
  • Increase call volume more than 40%
  • They currently rank in the top 5 for all their major rehab keywords

With these numbers, this facility has been able to help more people than ever before, while increasing their revenues month over month. 

What Does It Cost?

National SEO pricing is based on the state keywords for which the client would like to rank. However, our minimum for custom SEO is $4,000/month.  Our local SEO packages start at just $300 for a basic package and go up to $2,500.  If you fee you need a more custom approach, let us know.  We are happy to help. 


Currently, our clients range in spend, from $1,500/month, up to $22,000/month.  This is why we take the time to consult with you on national campaigns, and understand your goals and business.  By understanding your goals, we can create a monthly budget that will be successful, without going over board.   

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