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How To Generate More Leads For Your Treatment Center

Have you tried everything available to generate leads and intakes for your center? Bought those phone calls that everyone says, “You will close 2-3 per 100 you buy”, only to be sent phone calls for people looking for other centers, free treatment, or hang-ups? How about Google Adwords? Have you gone down that path and spent $10’s of thousands of dollars and maybe received one intake? Here is what to do when the calls stop coming in and you are in need of intakes.

Stop Buying from Different Vendors

One of the largest problems that we see as an addiction marketing agency is that centers (or the executives) want to divide up the marketing expenses by vendor.  Stop doing that! What if you marketing team didn’t communicate with your intake team? Your medical and executive staff didn’t communicate new modalities with your marketing team? It would fall short.  So why think it wouldn’t when it comes to driving leads?  Hire a company or two companies that either own everything in that space, or are willing to communicate with another company to drive the best result for your center.

Look To Social Media

Social media has been a HUGE driver for leads and intakes for many centers.  Like anything else, you need to do some quality targeting to ensure you are approaching the right people.  A large issue we see is that people are using Google Adwords to heavily when Facebook and other social platforms can produce a similar result for less.  On average, the cost per click on Facebook is just $8.00 versus Adwords which is over $20.00 if now over $50.00 a click. 

Review Your Local SEO

Everyone in treatment will agree that when it comes to online marketing, the best leads come from organic search.  Depending on your centers geographical location, this may be more difficult to achieve, however, it is the center piece for all successful marketing programs.  Google “Drug rehab (city name)” if you don’t see yourself, no one else does either.  It is time to focus on Organic Search to generate long term results and a continues flow of leads.

Display Advertising

A long lost advertising platform, the display ad may seem an older form of marketing, however, it is inexpensive and, when done correctly, can generate the type of calls and leads you want.  The key here is to ensure you are advertising on sites that make sense.  If you are trying to generate intakes for your luxury treatment center, you won’t want your ads on Buzzfeed.  Remember, demographics are still targetable online, and should be used in any display purchase.  Also, if you are a new center, look into and  They rank well for just about any state keyword, and you can purchase the rights to be name a top center in that state.

Paid Search Through Google, Yahoo, and Bing

In the last year, this mode of generating leads has gotten very expensive.  With more and more placement/lead generation companies entering the market, the demand has increased, while supply has stayed the same. (see, Econ 101 wasn't a waste of time).  Although it has gotten more and more expensive, there are still small tweaks you can make to your paid search platforms to make sure that click matters.  One way is to focus on the wealthy areas of your market.  You can look up home prices and find the areas of the country with the most expensive homes and target them through your platform.  You can also run a click to call campaign for mobile search, allowing the searcher to simply call you from the Google homepage. 

Television and Radio

Let’s get this out of the way first.  Buying phone calls from a generic commercial on the TV or radio is not what we are suggesting.  Most likely, you have tried this and, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, its garbage.  I am suggesting you do a branded TV advertisement and/or branded radio ad.  Based on your budget and target marketing, we are seeing Cost Per Admits under $4,000 through both radio and television.  The key is that the ads are branded to your specific center.  Not the general, “Do you or someone you love suffer from addiction?” stuff you see during day time television. 

The Drug Rehab Agency Offering

The key to success in the marketing space is hiring the right agency to manage this process.  The Drug Rehab Agency is able to manage each of the above platforms with over 20 years of combined experience.  As an agency, we have buying power that you may not get on your own, as well as the true experience in the treatment space to make your ad spend return an ROI. 


How we Do It:

Not all advertising works 100% of the time.  There are times when your paid search will not return a positive ROI. Or the cost of TV and radio has increased like it did in the election.   This could be because more people entered the market, or the cost is simply to high.  Working with The Drug Rehab Agency allows us to manage this for you.  Allowing us to pivot away from Adwords and reallocate that budget to more radio or TV spots, or increase quantity of display ads we are showing on selected websites. Our job is to deliver as many phone calls as possible for the budget you have provided.  On average, our clients see a Cost Per Admit below $5,500 in the first month and below $4,500 the second.  Select clients are below the $3,500 cost per admit mark after 3 months.


If you are interested in learning how our marketing programs can generate intakes quickly and cost effectively, contact us today!