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Non-Profit Centers Can Get Free Marketing

At The Drug Rehab Agency, we speak to roughly 10 centers a week.  Many of them smaller, non-profits trying to compete in our competitive market. They don't have the budget that is needed to spread the word and help people.  This is why The Drug Rehab Agency is excited to announce that starting in April, we will "scholarship" two non-profit treatment centers that are trying to help the less fortunate, and can prove it.  

Our addiction marketing services for these selected two non-profits may include:

  1. Organic Search
  2. Local SEO
  3. Paid Search Management
  4. Paid Social Media Management
  5. Display Advertising

Although we understand there are many other methods to generate leads in our space, these five areas of marketing produce great ROI and once implemented correctly, can generate intakes for the foreseeable future, without our help. 

If you would like to have your non-profit rehab center considered, please fill out the following form.  We will reach out to you shortly after to speak about the opportunity. 

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