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Legitscript is Receiving Threatening Emails...Come On Now Folks

You read that correctly. Legitscript has decided not to attend the Treatment Center Investment & Valuation Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona due to “threatening or confrontational communications from certification applicants”. Oh. My. Word.

The blog further explained that although they were receiving these communications through corporate email address, some staff were being contacted through personal social media channels.

According to Legitscript, these threats were made by more than one company or people that would be in attendance at the conference and that because of the inaction of Legitscript employees, would make the conference “uncomfortable or confrontational”.

Is this really where we are as an industry? We threaten people to get our way? We know Legitscript’s process is long and detailed, however, that is the point. As an agency, we were managing well over $200,000/month in ad spend with Google, so the change hurt us as well. However, it has weeded out the bad apples who are body brokering and generating leads.

Additionally, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. We have written many blogs on how important it is to diversify your marketing efforts, and this simply proves the points further. There is not a “Golden Ticket” in this industry anymore. Google was once that, however, we are not seeing that with our clients who have the LS certification. You need to implement SEO, retargeting, and content development to maintain your brand as the best choice for the client. If you do that, you will be just fine.