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5 Incredible Marketing Tips for Addiction Rehab Services

Have you been tasked with the marketing of an existing or new treatment center? It may seem like an overwhelming project, but in reality, it will take time, just like anything else. 

We are going to discuss 5 incredible rehab marketing tactics and why they work. Keep reading for more information.

Create Helpful Content

Addiction is a powerful disease. It affects the addict, their family, friends, social standing, jobs, and just about every other aspect of life. Loved ones of an addict often realize something is amiss before the addict admits they need help. 

This is where your rehab's blog can help. 

Content creation can focus on what addiction is, the signs of certain types of addiction, what families can do to help their loved one, and what friends can do to stay sane. Additionally, your content might just offer the hope needed for an addict to choose help. 

Word of Mouth

Relying on word of mouth will take time, especially if your treatment center is new. However, positive word of mouth will get your brand into the heads of those that need it most. 

There are all sorts of amazing statistics about word of mouth, one of which being that 90% of people are more likely to use a brand (or treatment center) recommended by a friend. 

Social Media

2.34 billion people

This is the worldwide number of people who have at least one social media account. Social media is proven to be inexpensive and effective when it comes to marketing, and clearly, there is no shortage of people to sell it. 

This low-cost, high-exposure strategy can get your company into the public's eye, which will mean more patients! 

Keep in mind that people love emotional success stories and in the substance abuse world, not everyone makes it—so share those triumphant tales! 

Local SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization—these three little letters have the potential to use the entire world as your target market. This tends to be a bit broad for most treatment centers but there is a way to close in on your area. 

Closing in on your local area involves the use of local SEO and increases your visibility to those who may search for terms related to a treatment center. 

Partner Up

Choosing to partner with other companies or non-profit organizations in your community as a way to market your treatment center may seem less than ideal.

However, with a partnership, you will receive whatever referrals they may send your way and once again, gain exposure. This isn't meant to be an 'end-all, be-all' strategy, but it will help you gain traction in your city.

Rehab Marketing: Mission Possible

Choosing to implement one or all of these strategies for your rehab marketing campaign will net your facility new patients. While some of these tips are quite easy to execute, others may be more difficult or feel impossible. 

These challenging strategies can be easily executed by marketing professionals, leaving you to become the welcoming face of your facility. If you are interested in increasing the number of patients that you can help, take a minute to contact us for all of your rehab marketing needs!