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Rehab Lead Generation Management 

With the increase is cost within Pay Per Click through Google, and the low quality of calls you can purchase from a pay per call company we have created an opportunity to generate leads through multiple channels including TV, Radio, and Online advertising.  All for a single price. 

Lead Generation Packages

Paying for phone calls has a much higher CPA (Cost Per Admit) than general marketing services. Our lead generation packages allow us to employ specific online and offline marketing strategies to generate the most calls and intakes as possible.  

Our monthly marketing doesn't cap you at the number of calls you receive, but caps us on the budget you are willing to invest.  We take this budget and invest based on what is performing the best for all of our clients. This includes, paid search, local SEO of our owned websites, display advertising, billboard advertising, television, and radio.  

How is this better than buying calls?

One word; Branding.  When you are buying phone calls, the source of the calls are from generic means.  Meaning that the ads generating the calls are all very non specific. IE "There is a place for help. Call now to find out more.".  With the Lead Generation Package, we create a fully functional addiction marketing plan specific to your center. Think, "Here at ABC Recovery, we offer the most one-on-one counseling sessions than anyone else in California.".  This helps the conversion of clients as they have confidence in what they are calling.  It is also something they don't see very often. 


The results we see for our lead generation service vary based on the center receiving the calls.  Some center's have a better sales process, accept more insurance, and work with deductibles and out of pocket costs. However, we are seeing an average cost per intake between $3,000 and $4,500.  This means that with a $10,000 investment, you may see 2-3 intakes.  It simply depends on your teams ability to close the callers. 

Investment Ranges

The minimum investment each month is $15,000 ($25,000 in California and Florida).  However, if you would like to perform a test of the service, we are able to run a one month test for $10,000 ($25,000 in California and Florida).  There is no guarantee of intakes from our services, however, our goal is to generate enough calls to produce a quality ROI for your center and maintain your business for the long term. 

Stop Focusing on the Cost Per Call end of your your lead generation and focus on where you can increase margins, the Cost Per Intake.  Simply put, you can't bill an insurance company for a phone call. 


Stop Paying For A Service and Start Paying For Results

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