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SEO for Growth: 6 Quick SEO Tips for Drug Rehab and Treatment Centers

88% of consumers research a product online before making a purchase from a physical location. As such, a website may very well be the most important part of any modern-day business. 

But you aren't just any business. You're an addiction treatment center. 

You aren't helping people pick the right cleaner for their bathroom or toner for their office. You're helping them get their lives back. You're actually saving lives.

All websites need SEO for growth and success. But for you, SEO is a matter of life and death. Growing your business means saving more lives. 

That's why, for you, a generic approach to SEO just isn't going to cut it. You need SEO specific to your life-saving services to reach those who desperately need to be reached. And that's exactly the help we've provided for you below.

Use these best SEO practices for rehab centers to reach more people and touch more lives.

Use Hyperlocal SEO

Remember the example above. 88% of business at your physical location researches online before coming in. Since you only provide services in person, that means 88% of allyour business depends directly on your online presence.

However, this doesn't mean you need to be the most popular rehab site on the entire internet. You need only be seen by the specific local region you serve. As such, one of the best things you can do is concentrate your digital advertising efforts on reaching your community. 

First and foremost, get listed on online business directories, especially Google My Business. Input your location and Google will literally put you on the map—the one at the top of local search results.

SEOs call this type of search result "Position 0" because it appears even higher than rank one. This is arguably even more important than having a website.

Start a Hyperlocal Blog

Furthermore, talk to your local community through a blog written just for them. Show them you really speak their language.

You know the needs of your community and your specific role in servicing them. You know just how you fit in and what you do best. And you know how desperately those in your area need you.

So tell them. Communicate your value and local community presence in your blog.

Describe your competence in your niche. Use a hyperlocal voice and vocabulary to reach relevant, local web-surfers.

Get Listed on SAMHSA

While boosting your website is fine, getting listed on a site that's already at the top is even better.

Google favors official, authoritative sites. And none are more official or authoritative than .gov sites. So, getting listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website puts your treatment center at the top of the internet for anyone searching for rehab services.

Essentially, everyone on the internet seeking addiction help finds SAMHSA's website and searches it for rehab services in their area. Then, those who need rehab in your community find you.

Use Addiction Rehab SEO For Growth

The people who need your services need them above all others. Help them find you with the tips above. Use drug rehab/treatment center SEO for growth in your community.

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