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The Importance of Local Search Engine Optimization Services in Rehab Marketing

Around 28.6 million Americans abuse substances. Local search engine optimization services can help clients find your rehab facility when they need it the most.

About 1 in 10 Americans struggle with substance abuse. However, if they can't find your rehab in local searches, they won't find out about your facility at all.

Local SEO attracts local clients. With local SEO help, more clients will find out about your rehab center than ever. Plus, that means more money for you.

Here's why local SEO is important for your rehab center: 

The Value of Local Searches

When explaining local SEO, we must first define local. Local means belonging or relating to a specific neighborhood or area. 

A local search is when someone looks for businesses in their area. The goal is for your rehab to show up in as many relevant local searches as possible. 

If your website has a good local SEO standing, consumers will have an easier time finding out about your rehab facility. This is why improving local SEO is one of the best marketing tips for rehab services out there.

Google's Local 3-Pack

There's more to local SEO than claiming your Google My Business listing. Your GMB listing should also be complete and optimized for local SEO.

A local SEO agency knows how to optimize your GMB listing. An optimized GMB listing is the key to making sure your rehab shows up in the "local pack" or "local 3-pack."

The Google local 3-pack is the top 3 businesses that appear first in Google local searches. These businesses get the most attention from consumers. Local SEO specialists know how to get your website into the 3-pack on local SERPs (search engine results pages).


A citation is a business's NAPW (name, address, phone number, website URL). Another goal of local SEO is to make sure your citation appears wherever people are searching for your rehab facility's information.

If you outsource local SEO services, more consumers will see your citation. That's because local SEO professionals know how to work with online business directories and identify link building opportunities.

Make sure your rehab's information is consistent in every listing. If it's not, your SEO ranking in Google's local searches will suffer.

Brand Awareness

Much like outsourcing your internet marketing efforts, hiring a local SEO service will increase brand awareness. Local SEO increases brand awareness by making your rehab center's website/listings more visible in local searches

When your rehab facility appears in more local searches, more local people will find out about it. People are more likely to explore your facility as an option for addiction treatment if it's close by. 

Rehabs Need Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Nearly 8.1 million Americans are alcoholics. They'll have an easier time finding out about your rehab if you get local search engine optimization services.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious diseases. Local SEO makes sure your rehab center can help as many people as possible.

Start marketing your rehab facility effectively and contact us now. We can work miracles when it comes to rehab marketing.